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20 June 2022
It's winter, many jobs are slowing down, and some employers are using it as an excuse to reduce staff numbers.

If you're caught up in that scenario, talk to us to make sure your employer has followed the right process, because the ERA will heavily penalise employers who don't follow the rules.

We've won many cases where the employee has been made redundant incorrectly, and if your employer hasn't played the game, we will get compensation for you.

It's free to talk, so call us on 0800 863 247 right now.

17 May 2022

Inflation is moving fast, and wages are struggling to keep up.

If you don't know how to negotiate with your employer, talk to us, we can help you at very little cost.

If you're on $60k a year, you should be getting a pay rise of at least $5000 a year, and that's just to catch you up to where we've got to in the past year.
It's free to talk, so call us now!

21 April 2022

New Zealand has a major problem with bullying at all levels of society, and work isn't immune.

Bullying causes mental anguish and is unreasonable behaviour under any circumstances, and your employer should be help to account if they are either doing the bullying or failing to stop it.

It's a Health and Safety matter as well as an employment matter, so if you're a victim of bullying, call us and we will make it stop and gain adequate compensation for you.


15 March 2022

It's important to remember the pandemic isn't over, and changing rules by your employer may impact you.

Changes to your terms of employment require your approval, so if you're in any doubt, give us a call.

18 February 2022

If you've been unfairly dismissed and got another job straight away, you might wonder whether it's worth pursuing the employer.

It is, and the reason is quite simple - the employer will continue to act the same way if you don't.

It might not matter much to you, but the next person they fire might not be so lucky, and by taking action you will make it much harder for that employer to do the same thing. Once a case has been established, the same employer Breaching the same rules will be dealt with more harshly, and you'll be helping all employees gain better protection.

Remember, it's not just you, but also those who come after you.

7 February 2022

Exploitation comes in many forms, and one of the worst examples of employment exploitation is going on right now, with virtually every New Zealander complicit in the crime.

If I told you some of NZ's richest and most-profitable companies were exploiting people by paying them less than two dollars an hour, I think you'd say I was making it up.

Except it's true.

Under the fraudulent guise of calling the employment a contract, Bunnings, The Warehouse, Burger King, Chemist Warehouse, Spotlight, and many other companies are exploiting Kiwi kids. Our kids deliver these brochures at a contract rate (despite people under 18 being unable to enter into contracts) which means they get paid an hourly rate of $2-3 per hour.

Two bucks an hour, think about that for a second. One tenth of the minimum wage.

I believe there is a very strong case to be made that the employment on contract is illegal and these [mostly] young brochure deliverers should be paid a realistic wage. The companies earn millions of dollars a year in profit, much of it off the sweat on underage Kiwi kids.

Help us stop the exploitation - if your child, or someone you know, is delivering brochures, ask them to get in touch with us to talk about being reimbursed for the hours they've worked for a pitttance.

January 2022

We hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable start to the year! Employment matters take a back seat while people are holidaying, and the most important thing is your safety. Be aware of your surroundings, drive carefully, and swim between the flags.

Did you know that the annual drowning toll of people swimming between flags on a patrolled beach is zero?

26 December 2021

Note: We are open during the holidays and will discuss your case at no charge to you - you only pay a fee if a case is raised and is successful, so if there's an issue and it's a Stat Holiday, we're here (unlike government services!)


18 December 2021

As the year draws to a close we trust everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

In 2022, conditions are likely to be unlike anything we've ever experienced, with fast pay rises and changing conditions as omicron cuts through the country.

If you have any questions, call us to discuss on 0800 863 247

We're here to help.

Please Read This!

This is possibly the most important employment dispute information you'll ever see, so feel free to ask any questions that arise from it!

Employers must provide employees with a written employment agreement. This is absolutely non-negotiable, and it must be signed prior to commencement. The employer must also give you the opportunity for you to seek advice on it, so handing it to you the morning you start is unacceptable. Insist on getting a copy.
It cannot be changed without your written consent. Ever, not one bit of it.
It must be kept up to date. All changes should result in a new copy being prepared and signed by both parties.
Initial every page, don't just sign the last page. Make sure you understand all the clauses and seek advice if you don't. We will give you that advice for free and without obligation.
Insist on receiving a fully signed copy immediately after signing it. Keep asking till you receive it.
If you are asked to consider changes, TAKE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE.  It will prove cheaper. and cause less of an emotional roller coaster ride than if you don't.
Ask for the rationale for any changes to be put in writing.
"She'll be right' 'and brushing the issue to one side is likely to prove a false economy.
Check whether your employer has applied for and accepted the wage subsidy under your IRD number.
Preventing undesired outcomes is more cost effective than fighting to retrieve lost rights and conditions.

Above all, when in any doubt, ask.

September 2021

Are you currently employed as a labour-only contractor in the construction industry?

Were you aware that this type of employment is specifically illegal in terms of apprentice legislation?

The industry bodies, chiefly BCITO, are well aware of this fact but choose to turn a blind eye to the legislation, because it suits builders and developers, and without that blind eye, those construction employers might not continue to build houses. is committed to fighting this blatant disregard for the laws of employment and apprentices.

If you have at any stage been dismissed from this type of employment situation, please call us on 0800 UNFAIR (0800 863 247) and we will take your case on, no matter how far past the 90-day rule it is. will pay for any application for the case to be heard outside of time reference, and only our usual No-Win, No-Fee costs will apply to the case itself.

Why are we doing this?

As an employment advocacy firm, I believe it is our responsibility to take on the establishment when it is the entire establishment at fault. Nobody else is trying to protect the rights, holiday pay, annual leave, sick leave and many other provisions the Employment Relations Act ensures.

In the case of the thousands (yes, thousands!) of illegal apprenticeship agreements in force right now, it is being allowed by an apathetic (and pathetic) government because it serves their agenda. It is being enforced by a culture of self-entitlement within the construction industry and enabled by regulators who will roll over rather than enforce fairness and equity in employment.